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How can an illiterate Indian puppeteer become a pastor? By attending the Oral Learners Bible Institute with video lessons that play from micro SD memory cards on his own mobile phone!
In the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro live the Maasai people. This male dominated society treats women as property. But one woman would make a difference. View the remarkable outcome of a Tanzanian woman using materials from the Oral Learners Initiative to make a difference in her land.
Shout is an audio soap opera created in 5-6 minute episodes and delivered to the individual right on their cell phone. This is episode 3 in the 26 week serial. We have included some basic video of people in Tanzania, East Africa with their cell phones ready to receive this week's episode of, "The Storms of Life."
Maasai John could not read or write. But he was given an opportunity to participate in a project that would change his life. Now, many years later, Maasai John is a college degreed pastor working among the Maasai.
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Whisper - 1:00 Chat Maasai - 1:00 Shout Bangladesh - 1:00 Shout - 2:40
This 1 minute long video gives a powerful introduction to the Whisper and how it can be used among closed societies. Chat was effectively used in tribal evangelism. This fast paced 1 minute video features footage from among the Maasai in Tanzania. Production has begun on Shout in Bangladesh. This very brief video presents a powerful and suprising visual. Shout is an outreach of the Oral Learners Initiative. This 2 minute 40 second fast paced video introduces a very unique ministry targeting unreached people groups.


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