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The Bible contains information and principles that affect man's life on earth and his eternal destiny.  God does not "suggest", but commands us to hide the Word in our hearts (Psalm 119:11) so that we will not depart from it (Proverbs 7:1-3).  It also tells us that the Word within us is able to keep us from evil (James 1:21) and as we study the Word, we will be approved unto God (II Timothy 2:15).  The Word of God is the center point of faith in Jesus Christ, the only absolute spiritual authority, and indispensable for Christian growth.  

Because of this truth, the Oral Learners Initiative, has developed tools to give non-readers access to the scriptures.       

These tools include a systematic series of audio tapes which incorporate verses for memorization.
Since repetition is the key to memorization, a follow-up print tool has been developed, called Scriptpix (Scripture pictures).  Scriptpix allow an illiterate person to "read", re-read, and memorize the verses of Scripture. 
Scriptpix are picture concepts designed to follow the thought content of Scripture verses.  They are not intended to be a word-for-word translation of a particular version of Scripture.  Scriptpix help stimulate the mind to recall verses that are used with the audio tapes and can be used in correlation with other Christian teaching.
Scriptpix are composed of simple line drawings.  These drawings are compiled in a continually expanding dictionary format called the Scriptionary.  It is easy to adapt the drawings for contextualization and/or to replace any individual drawing with a culturally adapted drawing. Because the drawings are conceptual, as opposed to word-by-word translation, shuffling them into a different order makes them fit another language.  The adjectives and nouns may be reversed, the verb may have a new location, but the essential meaning (the concept) remains the same.   

To reflect a global village perspective, the image of a "generic" man is avoided.  A variety of ethnic people drawings are used.  In the world of mass media images for communication, a wide variety of pictures can be used.  Some of these may not necessarily be available in the viewers daily life, but have been seen and are therefore "known" or recognizable.

The use of Scriptpix with a group can take many forms -- overhead projection, large poster size charts, individual sheets or cards, flannel graph, or a combination of several methods.  At the end of the teaching session, each student should be provided with the Scriptpix that have been taught in class for further "reading" and memorizing.


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