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Oral Learners

What is an oral learner? 
Oral learners are people who prefer to learn orally. This preference is shaped by a number of contributing factors.  

Oral Learning can be Genetic  
Some people are just born oral learners.  This is the way they are wired.  There are people who are college educated but when they need to learn how to do something they prefer to ask someone and be "told how to do it" rather than finding a book and "reading how to do it."   

Oral Learning can be Cultural 
There are entire cultures based on oral learners and oral or spoken tradition.  Individuals who grow up in one of these cultures will prefer oral learning even though genetically they might be wired in one of the other learning methods.

Oral Learning can be the result of Sociological Factors
Every child will learn how to speak and thus have the basis of oral learning. But socio-economic factors might preclude them from developing their genetic predisposed learning style.  Some of these factors include nomadic lifestyle as a child where the family is forced to relocate into different cultures or languages.  Additional factors can include substandard education opportunities.  Family dynamics can add another layer of orality greatly influencing the learning development of the child.




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