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  • The Storyteller The Storyteller Missionary Robb Hawks telling a Gospel story to Maasai in Tanzania.
  • Mobile Phone goes mobile. Mobile Phone goes mobile. People will go without a car, a motorcycle, or even a bicycle, but they won't go without their mobile phone. Arusha, Tanzania.
  • Scriptpix Scriptpix Missionary John Merrell training oral learners how to use Scriptpix to evangelize and teach their own people.
  • Mount Kilimanjaro Mount Kilimanjaro Usually cloaked in clouds, Mt. Kilimanjaro makes a rare appearance.
  • Datooga women. Datooga women. The Datooga are a tribe of oral learners who have become the focus of CHAT, our outreach to primitive tribal societies.
  • Tanzanians on foot with their mobile phones. Tanzanians on foot with their mobile phones. Here is a very common sight in Tanzania; people on foot carrying their mobile phones. These are the focus of SHOUT our mass evangelism using mobile phones.
  • Children's Working training. Children's Working training. The Merrell's and Hawks partnered with BGMC in this training of children's workers in Dodoma, Tanzania.
  • Maasai village church service. Maasai village church service. A group of believers started by a woman using OLI materials and training.
  • Maasai Church Losinoni Maasai Church Losinoni John & Ruth Merrell with Pastor Joyce in front of her brand new church built on Maasai land donated by the elders.
  • Maasai Village Maasai Village The Maasai live in small family villages of round huts made of sticks, mud, and cow manure.
  • Arusha woman and her mobile phone. Arusha woman and her mobile phone. Phones, phones, everywhere in East Africa.
  • Datooga men. Datooga men. Here the Datooga men are participating in ancestor worship.
  • 2 Maasai men on walk-about. 2 Maasai men on walk-about. Maasai elders walking to the city to conduct business.
  • Making the Gospel fun. Making the Gospel fun. The Merrells and the Hawks teaching children's workers in Dodoma, Tanzania.



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